1.  Introduction  

1. This double motors transmission mechanism is equipped with fully safety devices to guarantee the safe working applied in the construction hoist or passenger hoist;

2. Stable running and comfortable adaptability;

3. The Motors Transmission Mechanism system adopts double-drive motors. Worm gear reducer is adopted to ensure the high efficiency, max payload and long service life;

4. Simple electrical control system, easy operation and convenient maintenance with low failure rate.


2.  Technical Parameters


Art. NoWeight(Kg)FeatureDescription
110000025001. The parts and components are quality products produced by our company, Which can avoid the after-sale disputes effectively.
2. Compact structure, high transmission efficiency, reduce energy consumption in the construction site drastically.
As the main part of the construction hoist, the customers should offer the production drawings of the transmission mechanism.(or we offer  the production drawings, and the customers confirm it with seals.)
It is necessary to do the regular maintenance since they are core parts.
EG: we should pay attention to the oil level of the reducer and the daily lubrication of the safety device.


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