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Construction hoists


1. Construction hoists latest design adopts FRP grating, which is certainly corrosion resistant, light in weight, high in strength and increase the load bearing of the bottom of the cage.

2. The frame of  the cage structure is made of high-quality thick steel plate and mechanical bending process. the strength accuracy is better than ordinary angle steel.

3. The pipeline adopts Q345B high-frequency welding pipe material, secondly the frame and the pipeline adopt carbon dioxide gas shielded welding.

4.the surface adopts dip paint process, all the side of the pipeline are fully covered, so the corrosion resistance is good.

5.The frame adopts the bending process, which has high strength and good safety performance.

6.The rack is made of C60 steel bar, which has high strength and wear resistance. And the mast section connecting bolts are 8.8 grade galvanized high-strength bolts.

7. Standard configuration: worm gear reducer

Low noise and  low cost, smooth transmission, good deceleration effect, and the efficiency generally reaches 70-80%.

Optional configuration helical gear reducer

Long life, slightly higher cost, 40% energy saving, compact structure, easy maintenance, and efficiency generally up to 95%.

8. The inverter adopts Sunye, a well-known domestic manufacturer,and the relay and contactor adopt Schneider products.

Features of construction hoists:

  • It has a backup system, so it can normal operate when the electrical system failed.
  • The drive unit put on top of the cage, so that the cage has a large and comfortable space.
  • With Smooth transmission on the top, small vibration and very comfortable operating.
  •  Before delivery, all the products are tested strictly.
  • The aluminum plate in the side of the cage and doors makes little noise when the hoist moving.

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