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Constructions passenger hoist rental business is a profitable business if you can run a company in good management. If the business is not managed well, you could lose a lot of money. My company CLSJ HOIST owns around 60 twin cage hoists for rental business. We have rich experience in the rental business, in this post, I am going to show you how to make the construction passenger hoist rental business profitable.

1. Only Good quality Construction Passenger hoist

The hoists we use for the construction passenger hoist rental business were manufactured by our own factory CLSJ HOIST. The reason is we knew it is reliable, CLSJ hoists only selected reliable parts for the hoists. This is the key for rental business, if the parts always damaged, need frequently repairing. Because labor cost is high, too much repairing will lose a lot of money, and the worse thing you will lose your reputation of bad quality of equipment and you will get less and less business

2. A efficient team for installation, dismantling and Maintainance for hoists

An efficient team is important is the less labor used, the more profit you can get. If you have a big team, but they do work very slowly, the labor cost will be very high.

3. Always keep backup for KEY parts of Construction Passenger Hoist


There is no need to keep all parts for hoists, but the key parts are important to keep. In case the hoists failed, you can replace the parts as fast as possible to make the hoists work again. Especially fo

r the parts that can not be found locally, such as the passenger hoist reducer parts, construction hoist motor parts, etc.

Construction Hoist Spare Parts


4. Do not own too many brands of hoists

Own too many different brands of construction passenger hoist for a rental will bring you a lot of trouble. Different brand hoist uses different types of parts, which means you need to pay more to keep different parts in stock. If you only use one brand, you only need parts for one brand.

5. Only cooperate with hoist supplier with responsive services

It is important to have constant after-sales support from your partner who supplies you with the hoists. In case that you have any trouble with the hoists, you can consult the manufacturer or supplier. If they are not responsive, you will have a not of headache.

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